Quick improvements to Dartford crossing promised by Highways England

Quick improvements to the Dartford crossing are being promised with new traffic lights and road markings.

An agreement between Highways England and Kent County Council has been reached to help reduce the traffic and delays on the
northbound approach to the crossing.

Highways have said this week they are drawing up the plans to get them instated “as soon as possible”.

The Kent side of the crossing is plagued by regular congestion, especially on local roads leading to the junctions nearest the crossing – junction 1B, the Princes Road interchange, and junction 1A, the entrance to the crossing itself.

The improvement will include:

  • New message signs with traffic information
  • Smarter management of the traffic lights
  • New lane markings, including yellow boxes, at junction 1A
    and junction 1B to reduce lane blocking on the roundabouts
  • New vehicle activated signs to alert drivers of oversized
    vehicles to the height restrictions at the Dartford tunnels

Results of the poll featured on this Kent Online article as at October 15, 2017:


Roads Minister Andrew Jones said: “By upgrading traffic lights and carrying out other improvements we will help keep people moving and reduce the frustration of unpredictable journey times.

“Longer-term we remain committed to unlocking extra capacity by building a new Lower Thames Crossing.”

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