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ne of the main things you can do as a supporter of the campaign is to help spread the word!

At the last Highways England consultation north Kent residents responded in unprecedented numbers.  There is going to be another consultation in 2018, we need to be ready to make that amount of responses even higher, and all be prepared with the relevant info that we need to respond.

We need to keep campaigning for a better alternative Option A14, and at the same time ensure that we don’t lose sight of trying to work towards ensuring that if we do have Route C3 forced upon us that we get the best deal we can for everyone.  We can’t simply choose one or the other we need to campaign on both simultaneously.

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Tell others about the mailing list, website, social media accounts, meetings, events, and updates, so that as many people as possible can be involved.

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If you feel you can do a little more, and/or help in any way then please consider getting in touch to volunteer – Click here

Residents should still send letters of Protest to MPs, the Government, and Highways England. We cannot have a repeat of the 13K letters being counted as one reply due to it being seen by Highways England as not from individuals but from an organised Group. See this article.

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