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Campaign group Lower Thames Crossing Association is delivering leaflets to over 30,000 properties in North Kent, telling people why they believe Highways England’s plans for a new crossing east of Gravesend will not cure the problems at Dartford, and promoting the benefits of Option A14, the long tunnel option from south of the A2 to north of junction 30 in Essex.

The leaflet points out that a new crossing east of Gravesend will only cut traffic at Dartford by 14%, and claims that Dartford and Thurrock would still suffer from congestion and pollution from M25 traffic.

It goes on to highlight how Option A14 would finally complete the M25 and would effectively bypass Dartford, claiming it would result in a dramatic reduction in pollution and congestion by putting M25 through traffic underground.

Lower Thames Crossing Association spokesman Bob Lane said that local campaigners have done a good job in informing people most closely affected by the proposals, but it seems that people further away are not being properly told the full details. “This includes many people in Dartford,” said Bob, “who have been led to believe that a crossing east of Gravesend will be the answer to all their problems.”

“Only this week, Dartford MP Gareth Johnson asked the Secretary of State for Transport to tell him how many vehicles use the Dartford crossing now and how many are forecast in 10 years,” said Bob. “These figures were already published in the consultation documents – if Mr Johnson hasn’t read the documents, how can he properly inform his constituents?”

Figures given by Transport Minister John Hayes to Gravesham MP Adam Holloway this week show that traffic at the Dartford tunnels is brought to a standstill up to 2,500 times a month. In a Commons Debate earlier this month, Mr Holloway said that the plans for a crossing east of Gravesend would be a “national disaster” and would condemn people in Dartford and Thurrock to decades of appalling pollution and traffic congestion.

Written Questions:

Gareth Johnson: They Work for You | Hansard (Citation: HC Deb, 28 November 2016, cW)

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Note to Editors: Lower Thames Crossing Association is an organisation established to oppose Lower Thames Crossing options east of Gravesend, and to promote solutions which provide the maximum relief from congestion and pollution.  Please visit our website at