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Process of publication of new red line boundary questioned by Shorne Parish Council

Shorne Parish Council has raised queries with Highways England regarding the publication of the revised red-line boundary maps. Here are the questions and answers:-

Q: Regarding the new red line boundary drawings, is there a high resolution version available?

A: Unfortunately we do not have a high res version available but you can zoom into the map on the website

Q: There are new directly affected properties:

  • About 12 on the west side of Thong Lane opposite the golf club entrance (outside red line boundary as such but it is only across the roadway);
  • Hartshill Nursery and Hartshill bungalow on the east side of Thong Lane;
  • The Inn on the Lake Hotel;
  • the edge of Shorne Wood Country Park;
  • Boughurst Cottage/Nook Kennels; and
  • part of Park Pale road and the A2 overbridge affecting the Harlex haulage yard and the Rochester and Cobham Golf Club.

Were these newly affected properties contacted and able to have appropriate discussions, and relevant information provided prior to the new red line boundary map being published?

A: HE have written to all landowners where some or all of their land falls within the development boundary and we have a dedicated land and property team who are already in discussions with a number of landowners.

Editor’s comment:- It’s worth noting that the HE response does not address the questions about those affected properties close to the proposals whose land is not directly affected.