We refer to the Ipsos MORI analysis report on the Lower Thames Crossing consultation, in particular to serious discrepancies regarding the Petitions.

On page 149, the report refers to Petition 1: Petition to Kent County Council (11 signatories).

This petition included the following text: “We the undersigned petition Kent County Council to withdraw its support for a Lower Thames Crossing east of Gravesend, and to support the thousands of Kent residents whose lives would be devastated by this proposal. A new crossing east of Gravesend will not address the problems at Dartford.”

This petition was launched on 4th February 2016 and closed on 2nd March 2016, having achieved 3,678 signatures, far more than the 11 stated. We attach a copy of the petition statement presented to the KCC Environment & Transport Cabinet Committee on 11th March 2016.

On page 150, the report refers to Petition 2: Petition to UK Government (37 signatories).

This petition included the following text: “Petition to UK Government to reconsider the decision on the Lower Thames Crossing Option C – Gravesham. The UK Government via the Highways Agency has recently announced that the preferred route for the Lower Thames Crossing is Option C. This option will adversely affect the quality of life for many Gravesham residents, as well as the huge environmental damage to an area of outstanding natural beauty.”We are aware that this petition, initiated by Mr Shane Mochrie-Cox actually achieved 2,778 signatures, far more than the 37 stated.


We are also aware of a further petition to the UK Government initiated in Thurrock which achieved an extremely large number of signatures. This has not been mentioned at all.

Would you please explain why these figures have been so badly misrepresented and massively understated? This begs the question of how many other errors, omissions, or misrepresentations are in the report.

We would expect to see the report corrected, together with an addendum issued drawing attention to the corrections. We would also expect you to inform the Secretary of State for Transport of the errors and omissions.

We look forward to hearing from you in due course.

​Lower Thames Crossing Association