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Adam Holloway: Disaster for the people of Dartford

BBC South East News

“At last they have made up their minds, and they have bizarrely decided not to fix the appalling congestion at Dartford – which was the original aim of the exercise.

Instead they are going to build completely new roads that will only reduce traffic at Dartford by less than 15%. Apparently this will promote economic growth.It is a quite extraordinary decision that condemns the people of Dartford to more decades of pollution, and M25 road users to hundreds of millions more hours in traffic jams. Not to mention those poor people living next to this new route here.

They are spending £6000,000,000,000 (six thousand, million pounds) not to fix the M25.

That money could have been used to build a long tunnel under Dartford and kill off the traffic jams and pollution forever.

The M25 runs through Dartford. At some point they will have to build a new bridge or tunnel at Dartford – but because of this, not for many more years.

I don’t sense that the people of Dartford have any idea how badly they have been served. Please tell your friends there, and think of the people east of Gravesend who will suffer from this.

Please be assured we are still fighting for the best possible outcome.

Utterly bizarre. Click below on what I had to say on the day of the announcement.”