Steering Group & Executive Committee

The members of the Executive Committee represent areas directly affected by the construction zone (Highways England’s red line boundary). The agree LTCA Executive Committee is therefore as follows:

Chair Robin Bull
Vice Chair Revd Nigel Bourne
Media Spokesperson Bob Lane
Secretary Sue Sparks
Treasurer Robin Bull (acting)
Digital Content Officer (website & social media) Robin Bull
Nominated Representative for
 Bob Lane
Nominated Representative for
Chalk Parish Council
Revd Nigel Bourne
Nominated Representative for
Cobham Parish Council
Rosemary Dymond
Nominated Representative for
Shorne Parish Council
Susan Lindley
Nominated Representative for
Riverview Park & Singlewell
Aaron S. Elliott
Nominated Representative for
Marion Money







Associate members represent the wider area affected by things like traffic and pollution. The reps for the following area are to be confirmed.

Istead Rise
South Darenth
Medway – e.g. A228 corridor.

 The Working Group members comprise the nominees from the LTCA Executive Committee and a number of other representative – to be conformed.


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